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We've taken a great scarf and made it even better! We updated the Herringbone Scarf with a brand new U.S. alpaca yarn that makes the scarf softer and slightly less bulky while still providing the same level of warmth and comfort. It's length was also slightly increased to make it more versatile in how it can be worn.


Sophisticated yet modern, this thick scarf showcases an intricate stitching design with the integrity to hold up against the winter winds. Whether it's worn with your overcoat or leather jacket, this scarf offers versatility, warmth, and a timeless style.

Herringbone Scarf

  • Dimensions: Approximately 72" long x 6.5" wide

    Content: 80% U.S. Alpaca, 20% Recycled Nylon

    Care Instructions: Handwash Cold Water, Lay Flat to Air Dry

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